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Since 1991, we have successfully completed thousands of insurance related projects.
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Start with a Free Inspection

A professionally performed inspection can determine if there is enough damage to justify an insurance claim.

Our inspections include roofing, siding, gutters, and all other exterior components.

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There is Damage - What's the Next Step?

Most causes of damage to a building’s exterior are from severe weather incidents. These include windstorms, hail impacts, snow/ice build-up, lightning and fire. Find out more claim statistic information at

Your insurance policy is there to protect the value of your property. When damage has occurred, you are required to let your insurance company know about it. That means, you will need to open an insurance claim.

Hail damage to roofing
Wind damage to roofing
Hail damage to siding
More hail damage to siding
Wind damage to roofing
Hail stones

ABC Can Help With Your Insurance Claim

It starts with inspecting and documenting the damage. Then, we’ll reach out to the insurance company and open a claim. Next, we will meet with the insurance adjuster to inspect and confirm the damage. Then, as damages are approved, our team will negotiate a fair settlement.

The next step will be to arrange and perform the repair work. This is done within the confines of the insurance claim settlement.

For more than 30 years, ABC Roofing & Siding has successfully completed thousands of insurance jobs. We deal directly with insurance companies on behalf of our customers. Then, we expertly perform the repair and replacement work.

ABC Provides Exceptional Service & Value

Perform a Free Inspection and Document the Damage

Assist with Opening the Insurance Claim

Meet with the Adjuster to Inspect the Damage

Negotiate a Fair Settlement and Ensure Proper Coverage

Professionally Perform & Complete the Repair Work

Deal Directly with Insurance Company on Your Behalf

We have 30 + years of Insurance Work Experience

Do I Need An Estimate Before Opening An Insurance Claim?

You are not required to get a repair estimate before opening a claim. However, most insurance agents recommend getting several contractor estimates anyway. Primarily, this is to confirm if the cost of damage will be greater than the amount of your deductible. If not, opening a claim would be pointless.

My Claim is Approved - What's Next?

When a claim is approved by the insurance company, they will provide an estimate and funding to pay for the repairs. As the contractor, we perform the repair work within the confines of their estimate.

But, what if their estimate is missing items or is under-valued? Not to worry – part of our job is to catch errors in their estimate. As needed, the estimate will be reconciled and supplemented to ensure proper coverage and funding.

The next step of the process will be to arrange for the restoration work to be performed. Your ABC Rep will guide you through this process.

What About My Deductible?

A deductible is an out-of-pocket cost paid by the policy holder (you) – should a claim be approved by the insurance company. Basically, a deductible serves two purposes. First, it discourages policy holders from making frivolous or minor claims. Second, it reduces the overall cost paid by the insurance company.

The amount of the deductible is determined when the insurance policy is written. Usually, it is influenced by the cost of the premium. A high deductible will lower the premium. Alternatively, a low deductible will raise the premium. 

Your deductible is part of the overall estimated cost of completing the repairs. Therefore, you are required to pay the amount of the deductible to the company that performs the work.

What if My Claim is Not Approved?

There are several reasons why a claim does not get approved by an insurance company. Sometimes, it’s only a partial approval.

A common reason for denial, is there is simply not enough damage to materials. If the damage is weak to begin with, then maybe a claim should not have been opened. Consequently, minor damage does not obligate your insurance company to make a pay-out. 

Secondly, there may be qualifying damage, but the adjuster does not think so. An adjuster is a certified representative for the insurance company. The adjuster is in charge of your claim, and will decide an outcome. By far, most adjusters are competent, professional, and know what they are doing. However, there are some adjusters who fall short. In that case, a re-inspection by a different adjuster is in order.

Sometimes, insurance claims are not approved for pure technical reasons. Maybe the damage is old and could not have been caused by the recent storm. Or there may be some form of restriction in your insurance policy. 

ABC Roofing & Siding is a full-service contractor. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our customers regarding insurance work. Contact us with any questions you have with the insurance claim process. Our staff will be happy to assist you.


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