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Take advantage of Federal and State incentives and rebates. Install a new solar energy system for your home or business.

Does Your Property Qualify?

Does your home or business qualify for a new solar energy system? There are several factors in play here:

To Start, an assessment has to be made of the physical qualities of your property. 
Being that most solar panel systems are installed on roofs, there needs to enough roof space for the system.
Furthermore, there needs to be enough roof space facining South, East and West.

Another factor is shade. The panels won’t function well if there is shade upon them. Ideally, there needs to be lots of direct sunlight casting down onto the panels.
If your building has a lot of tall trees or other structures nearby, it may not be a viable for a new system.

Finally, given the physical qualities of your property – can a new system be designed for it to be practical?
The idea behind installing a new solar panel system, is to reduce the overall cost of your electric usage. 
A qualified agent will need to review your existing energy usage first, then design a system that benefits you the most. Typically, this process starts with a review of your monthly electric utility bill.

ABC Roofing & siding
ABC Roofing & siding

How To Get Started

ABC Roofing & Siding has teamed up with ABC Utilities to help folks in Illinois take advanatge of installing a new Solar Energy System.

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